A consumer contacted I.C. System to report that he was extremely frustrated that he was getting calls to his home. The consumer noted that he felt he didn't owe the debt since he had paid off the debt a few months earlier and felt the calls were being made in error.

After gathering info about payment dates, amounts, and other relevant factors, the I.C. System representative determined that a payment had been applied to a different account under the consumer’s name. It had been applied to an insurance payment on a separate account and that there was still a smaller balance owed on the account in question.

Payment arrangements were setup and the account was quickly paid in full and the calls stopped.

A consumer contacted I.C. System after noticing on her caller ID that an I.C. System representative had called and left a message for someone who no longer lived there. She decided to call and find out who I.C. System was and why they were calling.

In this case, the I.C. System Representative was told that “Richard” was no longer living at that address. While I.C. System was certainly allowed to attempt to contact “Richard” at the address on the account, once the consumer verified that he no longer lived there, the phone number was removed from the system.

A consumer called I.C. System to complain that she did not know who I.C. System was. She was VERY ANGRY that I.C. System was showing up on her caller I.D. She finally searched the web and found the I.C. System Consumer Help Line Phone Number. During the call she talked with an I.C. System representative who explained that the calls were an attempt to collect on a debt that she owed to her previous telecommunications provider.

The I.C. System Consumer Help Line representative explained to her that once the bill for her monthly internet services had gone “past due” for 90 days, it was turned over to I.C. System for collections. The caller I.D. that showed up on her phone was I.C. System, Inc. and she explained to the I.C. System representative how that had confused her.

Payment arrangements were worked out and eventually the account was satisfied and closed-out.

A consumer called the I.C. System Consumer Help Line to discuss what he termed as, "…abusive language used by an I.C. System collector during a phone call."

The I.C. System Consumer Help Line representative took all of the caller’s information and carried out an inquiry into the matter. The account was investigated and the recordings of the phone call were recalled and carefully reviewed. I.C. System demands a very high standard of conduct from its employees and reviews recordings of calls associated with complaints. When necessary, I.C. System provides additional training and disciplinary action to ensure total compliance.

The I.C. System Consumer Help Line serves a dual role as it protects Consumers as well as I.C. System, Inc. In this case the process succeeded in ensuring that future I.C. System interactions are handled with only the highest ethical standards.

A consumer called the I.C. System Consumer Help Line to discuss his frustration at the fact that he occasionally picks up the phone when a call from I.C. System is made to his home and it seems that there is a second or two of silence before an agent greets him on the line.

The Consumer Help Line representative explained that occasionally a slight pause will occur when a phone call from a dialer is picked up.

A consumer contacted I.C. System to complain about her difficulty in entering www.yourpayment.com, the I.C. System online payment system.

After discussing the matter with an I.C. System Consumer Help Line representative it was determined that the consumer was incorrectly inputting her account number into the account field on www.yourpayment.com

It was clarified that she did indeed need to include the "dash" in her entry of the account number. Once she tried again to input her account number – including the dash – she was successfully entered into the site and was able to make a payment on her account.

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